$4 movies this Sunday

Ready to get out of the heat this Sunday? Well... it's back! National Cinema Day!

Following the massive success of last year's first ever National Cinema Day — which lured more than 8 million moviegoers to theaters with $3 tickets — the National Association of Theater Owners is doing it again. This year more than 3,000 theaters are participating in National Cinema Day, inviting you to watch movies this Sunday, Aug. 27. Tickets will cost $4 — a 33% increase from last year — including for premium formats like IMAX and Dolby.

Tickets will be available at your local theater's box office. Nationwide chains including AMC and Regal will be participating. For a full list of theaters taking part in National Cinema Day, click here. Your final ticket price might be a little more than $4, after taxes and any third-party ticketing fees are taken into account. But BUY EARLY because many tickets sold out quickly last year!

Save some popcorn and Junior Mints for me. 

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