Healing and Hope

Encounter God’s transforming touch through a new ebook about healing

Are you in need of healing and hope in your life? We all face challenges, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, that can leave us longing for restoration and renewal.

To help, KCBI is pleased to offer you a free ebook called Healing and Hope: Encountering God’s Transforming Touch.

This inspiring ebook is designed to help you navigate the path of healing and provides five insightful readings that draw important lessons from biblical accounts.

Readings included in Healing and Hope:

  1. Physical Healing: Look into the life and faith of a paralytic man and his friends as they bring his body before Jesus for miraculous healing.

  2. Healing Through Faith: Learn from the powerful stories of the woman with the issue of blood and the centurion, and understand how faith plays a vital role in experiencing healing.

  3. Healing Through Forgiveness: Explore the profound connection between God’s forgiving love and the healing of our brokenness through the story of the prodigal son.

  4. Healing for A Loved One: Experience Jesus’ authority over sickness and the power of intercessory prayer for a loved one through the Roman official’s encounter with Jesus.

  5. Healing Through Prayer: Journey with Hezekiah as he faces a life-threatening illness and calls out to the Lord for healing.

  6. Healing Through Community: Discover the importance of community and how God often uses others to facilitate healing in our lives.

  7. Healing Through God’s Word: Through the story of Lazarus, experience the correlation between encountering God’s Word and experiencing healing.

These readings are accompanied by relevant prayers for healing of our minds, bodies, and souls as well.

This ebook is offered at no cost as part of KCBI’s mission to share biblical resources that help people draw closer to God. We hope it blesses and encourages you on your own journey toward healing or the sincere prayers on the behalf of others.

In addition to receiving the ebook, we will also email you one of the seven readings each day for the next week.

To receive your complimentary copy of Healing and Hope: Encountering God’s Transforming Touch, simply let us know where to email it!

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