Finding Forgiveness

Learn to Forgive like Jesus with Forgiveness a 5-part devotional

C. S. Lewis once wrote, “Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.”

Forgiveness is easy to talk about, but difficult to put into practice.

Whether the hardest person in your life to forgive is a parent, a sibling, a pastor, a spouse, or…even yourself, let KCBI help you travel the road of forgiveness with a short but insightful ebook with five devotional readings on the topics of:

  • Forgiving Yourself
  • Forgiving a Spouse or Loved One
  • Forgiving a Friend or Neighbor
  • Forgiving the Church
  • Forgiving our National Leaders

God’s memory of our hangups and mistakes is far shorter than our own. He’s already forgiven you in Christ. Let’s journey together into better embracing that and applying it to ourselves and others with Forgiveness. It’s our gift to you as a friend of KCBI.

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