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Chocolate… When my husband and co-host, Jeremy Cruise proposed he made sure to have some chocolates as an incentive (incase I said no). I said yes! He gave me a ring and STILL gave me the chocolates. That’s how I knew he was the one for me. You’ll never meet a kinder person. He’s a great father to our two boys, Zach and Tyler, a wonderful husband, and a lover of trees! In fact, his other dream job (besides radio) would be owning a tree nursery. He’s also always told me he would love to live in Dallas one day. Sharing life with you is another of his dreams come true. We’re even more excited to do it together.

Caryn… Is a Valentine baby which might explain her intense love of chocolate! Her introverted nature leads her to crave alone time, but she still loves people. Her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, but she loves any movie that makes her laugh or has super heroes. She walks her cats on a leash and they sit in front of the door to let her know they are ready to go out. She never drives above the speed limit!

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