2023 Texas Pinners Conference and Expo



Get ready to be inspired and immersed in the world of creativity at the highly anticipated Texas Pinners Conference. This two-day event, hosted at the renowned Will Rogers Memorial Center, is a dream come true for Pinterest enthusiasts. The Pinners Conference is a top-rated Pinterest-inspired event that brings together individuals passionate about creativity and DIY projects. It is a conference and expo where attendees can explore various areas such as home décor, crafts, cooking, beauty, fashion, and more. The conference offers various classes, workshops, and demonstrations led by industry experts, influencers, and professionals in their respective fields. Participants can learn new techniques, gain insights and discover innovative crafting ideas from the 110 interactive classes. 

Beyond the captivating classes, the conference boasts a vibrant tradeshow floor bustling with over 250 vendors. Discover an array of carefully curated products, services, and resources to enhance attendees' creative endeavors. From the latest home décor trends to delectable culinary delights, fashionable accessories, beauty essentials, self-improvement tools, and everything in between, attendees will find a treasure trove of inspiration and must-have items.

This extraordinary event will leave attendees inspired, motivated, and ready to embark on their creative journey.