New Hope Christian Academy

New Hope Christian Academy is a school of academic excellence that teaches students to be independent learners and gain knowledge within a biblically based worldview. We consider excellence in education more than merely acquiring knowledge and developing the mind. We teach students how to live and work hard, maintain proper conduct in life’s circumstances, and accept each other and themselves for the unique beings God created. Although academic excellence is a priority, character development through spiritual guidance is just as significant.

From its inception in 2017, New Hope has focused on building a faculty, student body, and staff reflective of the richness of cultural identity. We seek to immerse our students in an atmosphere that prepares them for living in a multicultural America while respecting each other for our differences. New Hope teachers get to know our students as individuals, learning what makes each one unique. We work to acknowledge and respect each student and maintain respect for each staff member. Our students can learn in an environment accommodating their learning styles, abilities, and interests while respecting their perspectives regarding their background and culture. We aim to encourage our students to treat others with respect and dignity through compassion for others – as the example God gives us through His Word.

New Hope Christian Academy is fully accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia.

New Hope Christian Academy meets full-time on campus and also offers online school options for homeschooled families.