Samaritan Ministries

A Biblical solution to health care.

“In 2016 we found out that our youngest son Asher had cancer. I will just never forget crying in the lobby of the hospital on the phone with the Samaritan Ministries person on the other end who ended the call saying, ‘let’s just pray about this.’ When it does hit you and you really wonder what’s going to happen, it worked.” Paul & Amber, members since 2012

Samaritan Ministries connects hundreds of thousands of Christians across the nation who care for one spiritually and financially when a medical need arises.

As a Samaritan member you choose doctors, treatments, and hospitals that are right for you. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or relocating, you won’t have to worry about how paying for your medical expenses might unexpectedly change.

Samaritan Ministries has a unique direct member-to-member sharing approach. When you have a medical need, fellow members send money directly to you that you’ll use to help pay your medical bills. And you’ll do the same for them, all while praying for and encouraging one another.

It’s affordable, with a sharing program and level that could fit your budget, and you can join today.

When the Body of Christ comes together to pray, encourage, and provide for one another, burdens are lifted, and God is glorified. This applies to all areas of life, including health care. Visit Samaritan Ministries or call 877-764-2426 to see how health care sharing can work for you.