The latest hot take is 1400 years old!

I guess some would call this ancient wisdom. It is pretty old. (It comes from the 5th century!)

However, as you read this – you tell me – is this relevant for 2023?

St. Augustine said this once....

“Beware of despairing about yourself. You are commanded to put your trust in God. And not end yourself.”

Not much elaboration is needed, really. For some of us, this is a reminder that even though we try to do good things and follow God, but ultimately, it’s not going to earn you anything. Salvation is by grace, through faith alone (Eph 2:8-9)

And, for some of us, it’s a gentle reminder to silence your inner critic. You will stumble, fall, fail – all 3. But your hope doesn’t rest in how well you are doing following God.

Your hope rests in what has been done FOR YOU in Christ.

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