Statue of Billy Graham Now at The U.S. Capitol

If you're planning a vacation to Washington, DC this summer to see the monuments and historical sites, there's something new you won't want to miss. A brand new sculpture of Reverend Billy Graham was unveiled last week at the US Capitol. He’s holding an open Bible and is now a permanent fixture in the National Statuary Hall, where each state can have two statues of notable figures.

The unveiling was a touching event, with Billy Graham's family in attendance. His son, Franklin Graham, shared that his father would have been uncomfortable with the attention and would rather the focus be on Jesus, whom he preached about.

It’s a special addition to the Capitol and adds to the many reasons to visit. I wish we had seen it during our trip to DC in 2021. We enjoyed the Lincoln Memorial and all the other sites, but this new statue would have been a wonderful highlight. Looks like we’ll have to plan another trip back!

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