So, you say you believe?

There was an acrobat who was pushing a wheelbarrow while walking on a tight rope across a raging waterfall. He would walk across, and the crowd would cheer. He would return, and the crowd would cheer louder. The acrobat did this several times, and everyone was applauding when he stopped and pointed to a man standing at the front of the crowd.

“Sir, do you believe I can push this wheelbarrow on the tight rope across the waterfall?”

“Sure, I believe you can do it,” the man answered.

“Do you believe I can push this wheelbarrow across and back again?”

The man nodded his head, “Yes, I believe you can do it. I’ve seen you do it.”

The acrobat pointed to the wheelbarrow. “Then, get into the wheelbarrow.”

Bottom line? Belief isn't just about words. It's about actions. It's one thing to say we believe something. It's quite another to live it out.

Is there a "wheelbarrow" in your life that you see, but you haven't gotten into it?

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