Pay It Forward

If you came into some unexpected cash, think of all the things you would do with it. What are some ideas that come to mind?

Well, a woman named Crystal actually ran into this exact situation where she came into $100,000 that she was not expecting. Of course, she plans on buying a car and paying off some bills, but she didn't want all that money to go to waste. So she actually went to the grocery store and bought $2,000 in gift cards and then handed them out to complete strangers walking around the store.

When asked why she did this, she responded with the fact that she believes in paying it forward. It's a great reminder that as we come into unexpected blessing in our lives, may we do the same and pay it forward to benefit someone else as well.

Passing on good deeds may seem like a modern idea, but it is as old as the work God is doing with humanity. He has given us life and everything else we need to achieve our potential—eternal life in the family of God. Let’s take the good things God has done for us and do our part to pay them forward.

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