Joro Spiders Invading the U.S.

Remember when murder hornets were headlining as the next big scare during COVID? Yep, that fizzled out, but hold onto your hats because now we’ve got something else to worry about: Joro spiders. And these aren’t your garden-variety spiders. Imagine a yellow and black garden spider, but super-sized. The legs on these giants are about four inches long - so picture something as big or bigger than our Texas tarantulas!

But here’s the real twist: they can fly. Well, not fly-fly, but they use silk webs as balloons to catch the wind and glide through the air. Just imagine a giant spider floating above you. If I see one of those airborne arachnids cruising around, you might just find me barricading indoors!

Listen to Joro Spiders Invading the U.S.

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