Jesus and the Law of Gravity

The law of gravity is as undeniable as the ground we stand on. Stepping out of an airplane, there's only one direction: down. It's a certainty I don't question. But I've noticed a contrast in how I treat this unyielding force and the truths in the Bible.

If I were pushed out of an airplane, I'd have zero doubt about falling. Yet, when faced with forgiving, loving others, or giving selflessly, I sometimes see these as goals, not unshakable truths. It's an odd inconsistency.

The Bible's teachings aren't suggestions; they're as steadfast as gravity. Forgiveness, love, generosity—they're not just ideals; they're the essence of a meaningful life.

Maybe the challenge lies in embracing these truths wholeheartedly, like we accept gravity without question. It's about shifting perspective—acknowledging these truths as unwavering principles, shaping our actions and perceptions.

Just as gravity governs the physical, these truths guide our spiritual lives. They're not lofty goals but unarguable certainties. To live by them is to embrace a depth of wisdom and a path to a life rooted in enduring principles.

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