Hear How Jeremy Outsmarted Caryn For Years

In our family, I've (Caryn) always been the resident gift-wrapping guru. But then, one year, I passed the torch to Jeremy. His attempt at wrapping just one gift turned into an eight-minute comedy show—torn edges, frustrated sighs—all captured in a video I now share annually.

Recently, a witty suggestion surfaced: maybe Jeremy's intentional chaos is his way of outsmarting us, much like shrinking a sweater to avoid laundry duty. It's an amusing thought, isn't it?

However, that video isn't just a reminder of wrapping mishaps; it's a catalyst for laughter and shared memories. It teaches us that the heart of the holidays isn't in flawless wrapping—it's in the joy of being together and weaving tales that become part of our family lore.

This year, when Jeremy wraps that single gift, there'll likely be the usual chaos. But amid the laughter, his unique touch continues to brighten our celebrations, adding an extra dose of hilarity to our cherished traditions.

Listen to Hear How Jeremy Outsmarted Caryn For Years

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