Good things are not the Greatest things.

It's been said that God has always trying to give us good things. But our hands are so often too full to receive them.

I think that's true.

And if our hands are full, they're full of the things we're probably addicted to, honestly. Addiction, at least in this case, doesn't just mean a chemical or physical addiction.

We can just have something that we've put at the very center of our lives, and it can even be something good. (Safety, family, health, provision). But if it isn’t God, and we're filling our hands, hearts, minds, and most of attention with those things, they will just sort of naturally take up the spaces within us.

God doesn’t want to, and won’t, share the throne with anyone else.

If what is at the center of your life is not God, your life will be off-center.

Father, THY will be done.

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