God Wants To Move You Beyond Your Pain

Feeling pain is a universal part of being human, and it's often in these moments we wonder if God really gets how much we hurt. Isaiah 53 paints a poignant picture of Jesus, a figure described as “despised and rejected by men, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.” These words were written centuries before Jesus's time, yet they capture the essence of His earthly journey so precisely.

Whenever we're neck-deep in our struggles, it's challenging to feel understood, even by God. But Isaiah reminds us that Jesus isn't a distant observer. He’s walked this road, felt this pain, and borne these burdens. Knowing Jesus has firsthand experience with suffering brings a comfort that's hard to find anywhere else.

We might not always grasp the "why" behind our pain, but we can be sure of the "Who" that is with us in it. Jesus's familiarity with suffering means He's uniquely compassionate towards our struggles. And he wants to guide us from our places of pain into healing and hope.

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