Do Not Fear

Stepping into the unknown can feel like walking on water—terrifying, thrilling, and totally out of our comfort zone. We've all been there, right at the edge of a big decision. It's just like the disciples in that boat, witnessing Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14). Imagine their awe, their fear, not even recognizing Him at first!

When Jesus called out, "It is I, do not be afraid," it wasn't just for the disciples back then; it's for us here and now. Like when Caryn and I made the leap to move to Texas, leaving behind the familiar to embrace a new chapter with you at KCBI. It was scary, full of unknowns, but also full of potential.

If you're standing at a crossroads, maybe feeling that same tug, remember Jesus's words. He's not just inviting us to step out; He's promising His presence with us. Change is daunting, but it’s also where we see miracles unfold, where we grow and where our faith gets real.

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