Discovering Biblical Wisdom for Your Finances eBook

Get wisdom from the Bible about how to save, spend, and give your money.

In today’s economy, so many of us are living paycheck to paycheck, uncertain of how to handle unexpected bills and expenses. Just getting by, many of us yearn for the financial freedom to be more generous in giving to our church, to worthy causes, and to individuals we know who are in need.

The Bible offers many important principles for using the resources God has placed in our hands, beginning with the acknowledgment that everything ultimately belongs to Him. It’s up to us to apply those principles if we want to experience peace and prosperity when it comes to our finances.

To help, KCBI has just created a new ebook called Discovering Biblical Wisdom for Your Finances.

This helpful ebook was written to help you navigate financial management, reduce anxiety over money, and refocus your perspective on what God has entrusted to you.

It covers a wide range of topics, including:

✅ Establishing a strong foundation of faith-based financial principles.
✅ Gaining insights into the biblical perspective on wealth, possessions, and generosity.
✅ Practical advice on creating a budget that reflects Christian values and priorities.
✅ Planning for retirement, leaving a meaningful legacy and navigating financial challenges with faith.
✅ Teaching financial wisdom and values to the next generation and fostering a legacy of stewardship.

These readings are accompanied by examples highlighting real-life issues such as holiday overspending, saving up for a dream trip, budgeting for retirement, battling inflation, and more.

It also includes a list of helpful links to related articles that give practical tips and financial insights into topics like giving generously, saving money, and tools for managing finances.

This ebook is offered at no cost as part of KCBI’s mission to share biblical resources that help people draw closer to God. We hope it blesses and encourages you!

To receive your complimentary digital copy of Discovering Biblical Wisdom for Your Finances, just let us know where to email it!

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