Dallas Stars Make-A-Wish Come True!

This weekend, while the Dallas Cowboys are making headlines as they gear up for their final game and a potential Super Bowl run, let’s not forget the Dallas Stars are up to something pretty heartwarming. They had an extraordinary young guest join them – a six-year-old named Carson from Ottawa, Canada. Now, you might wonder, how does a kid from Ottawa become a die-hard Dallas Stars fan? But hey, the heart wants what it wants, right?

Carson's story goes deeper than just being a fan. He’s been bravely battling a brain tumor. When the Make A Wish Foundation stepped in to grant one of his wishes, meeting the Dallas Stars was top of his list. So, they flew him down to Texas for an unforgettable experience. The Stars welcomed him with open arms, giving him his own locker, loads of swag, and even signed hockey cards. Talk about a dream come true!

Today, he's not just watching from the sidelines; he's joining the team for their practice and even getting some ice time with them. How cool is that? We’re hoping Carson gets a bunch of selfies with the mascot and maybe even takes a spin on the Zamboni!

For more on Carson’s incredible story with the Dallas Stars, click here.

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Credit: Dallas Stars

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