3-Legged Dog Beats Cancer To Become A Hero!

Listen to 3-Legged Dog Beats Cancer To Become A Hero!

Let me tell you about Boone, a one-year-old bloodhound with a spirit that's nothing short of inspiring. A few months back, Boone’s handler discovered a cancerous growth on his leg, which led to an amputation. It seemed like Boone's days with the sheriff's office were over, but he had other plans.

Just days after surgery, Boone was more than just on his feet - he was bouncing around, full of life. Against all odds, he returned to work and, within two months, found three missing children. Amazing, right? Boone might have three legs, but he’s doing the work of many.

Learn more about Boone's story here!

(Source: WCYB via CNN)

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