Serve with KCBI's Prayer Center this Thanksgiving!

Many of our neighbors in the DFW area face challenges putting food on their tables. This November, in partnership with The Storehouse of Collin County, we aim to change that by celebrating a "Month of Thanksgiving." 

Starting Thursday, November 9, from 2:15pm to 6:00pm, we'll be distributing all the essentials for a memorable Thanksgiving meal. But beyond the meal, we aim to nourish souls. That's where our wonderful KCBI's Prayer Team steps in, offering prayers and pointing our neighbors towards the love and grace of Jesus. Witnessing the transformative power of prayer firsthand is an experience like no other, and we'd be honored if YOU joined us.

Whether you speak English, Spanish, or both, your heart and helping hands are deeply needed. Ready to make a difference? Sign up below!