Unchanging Promises for Seasons of Change

Navigate Times of Change in Life with God's Word

Just like the ever-changing seasons, times of transition and change are natural to our lives. Sometimes that change is welcome. Other times we look at new chapters of life with worry and trepidation.

What does God’s Word have to say about facing the unknown? Why does He allow hard times in life? Why do things have to change?
Get answers to these questions and more, using the words of Scripture, in a new 7-day devotional ebook from KCBI. It’s called Unchanging Promises for Seasons of Change: A 7-day devotional.
Some of the devotions you will find in this resource include:

  • We Are Made for Change
  • The Lord Will Be With You
  • God Is Doing Something New
  • Be Transformed
  • God's plans for You Are Good
  • Battling the Anxiety of Change
  • Prepared in Advance

Let’s spend the next week meditating on the truths and promises of God’s Word about times of change in our lives. Whether that’s the start of a new school year, caring for an elderly parent, living in an empty nest, beginning a new job, coping with a sudden loss, or whatever the change may be, God has words of encouragement and wisdom for you.

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