Romans in Action

Engage Your World with the Love of Jesus

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by the cultural trends around you, and if you’re looking for a biblical perspective on how to respond with faith and hope, we have a brand-new ebook that can show you how!

Romans in Action explores how the key themes of Romans speak directly to believers seeking to cut through the noise of our modern world to engage an immoral culture with the love and grace of Jesus.

Through six thought-provoking readings, you’ll discover how the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans offers timeless insights and practical wisdom for modern times.

Romans in Action includes:

• A reminder of God’s love for us, which cannot be separated from us by anything in all creation
• A deep dive into the importance of maintaining unity within the body of Christ, even when we have different beliefs or opinions
• An exploration of how we can trust in God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of difficult circumstances
• And more!

Each reading includes a Bible verse, an encouragement, a summary point, a prayer, and questions for thought.

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