Take America Back To God Evening of Revival Featuring Matthew West & Anne Wilson



We invite you to listen to live worship music, guest speakers, and fellowship with fellow Christians.

We are people who believe that God is the creator of all things, and that the Bible holds the absolute truth for life within its pages! We believe that every word within its pages is totally and completely accurate and profitable for our lives. It is the foundation that has made America great and will keep America great. We are firmly committed to defend the truth of God's Word and to teach it diligently.

Our Goals

Teach the Truth of God's Word and expose the lies within our present culture.
Teach and stand up for Godly Principles.
Stop the moral decay of our society.
Create hope for young men and women.
Strengthen families and promote God's design for the family.
Inspire Pastors, Christians, and Churches to speak out and declare truth.
Motivate people to seek God passionately.
Unite together as God's people and stand together and be a voice of reason.
Preserve the Foundation of America and protect the church from its demise.
Change the heart of America and Take America Back to GOD!