Solid Rock Academy Fall Party and Extravaganza



Solid Rock Academy is a Christian K-12 School that was founded in 2022 to offer a good Christian alternative to Public School Education. We hope to use any funds raised to offer scholarships, as well as education programs such as Financial and Business courses, hands-on Home Economics, basic vehicle maintenance, and home repairs programs. We recognize and understand that the public school systems are eliminating these programs due to budget cuts. However, we understand the benefits of such programs. We are looking to fund these courses so that we can put forward strong graduates who know how to take care of themselves financially and physically once they leave for college or the workforce.

At Solid Rock Academy’s Fall Party and Extravaganza we will host a carnival-like event with food, games, giveaways, and various contests. In addition to all this, we will also have a silent auction and contests with door prizes to be handed out.
The price is $1 per ticket, and various food, games, and etc with cost anywhere from 1-5 tickets.