Holy & Whole Women's Conference



Do you struggle with negative body image, over eating, obsessing about food, and exercise? Learn how Christ can restore your whole self! Join us at H´╗┐oly and Whole Women's Conference to learn how you can break the cycles of dieting, obsessing, negative body image, and being overwhelmed with food and exercise. Come together with women who are facing similar struggles to get freedom by understanding how your identity in Christ is the key to being healthy and whole. You will learn about Christ Centered Intuitive Eating, Intuitive Movement, and how trauma can impact your food and exercise choices. Learn how to trust God more deeply by having a deeper understanding of His heart for you and what He says about your food and body so you can learn to trust your body signals and trust Him with your body.
This conference is for any woman who has struggled with years of dieting, negative body image, trauma, an active or history of eating disorders, weight cycling, emotional eating, overeating, restricting food, and over or under exercising.
Tickets are on sale now through August 31st. Scholarships are available!