Empowered Parenting



Today's parents face great challenges in raising their children in the way they should go. Join us on Saturday, February 17th at The Hope Center for a morning of powerful teaching design to equip parents and grandparents with the tools to help them better communicate with their children. Author and speaker Karol Ladd, who is known at the "Positive Lady," will lead our time.

1. Empowered for Positive Parenting

As parents, we have the opportunity to impact our family in a positive and purposeful way. Best-selling author Karol Ladd shares powerful insights to encourage and strengthen us in our important role of raising the next generation. Discover time-tested principles to help us build on our strengths and be intentional in our parenting. Through our words, experiences, and examples we can make a positive difference emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in our home.

2. Empowered for Meaningful Conversations

Purposeful communication with our children can have a measurable impact for generations to come. How do we create and stimulate meaningful conversations? Karol Ladd, founder of Engage Positive Parenting Initiative, shares wisdom and techniques to generate connection with our kids at every stage of parenting. Learn how to create talking points with our kids, and how to listen responsively to build heart connections and encourage a deeper faith in the lives of our children.