Dallas Pro-Life Dinner



Steve Deace is a bestselling author, movie producer, podcaster, and most importantly, a husband and father. Deace’s pro-life values stem from being born to an unmarried fourteen-year-old who contemplated abortion but ultimately chose life. Steve wrote A Nefarious Plot about a demonic takeover of America which inspired the 2023 movie Nefarious. Deace authored several other books, including the best-sellers Faucian Bargain and Rise of the Fourth Reich. Steve is known for his daily two-hour podcast, The Steve Deace Show for The Blaze where he and his guests share Christian worldviews and principled conservatism.

All proceeds benefit Vitae Foundation, a national non-profit organization that facilitates research about life issues and applies the findings to create messaging strategies to share with others so that together, we can build a future where abortion is unthinkable.