Buckner Foster Care and Adoption

Be a Family with Buckner Foster Care and Adoption

Buckner Foster Care and Adoption exists to provide safe and loving home environments for vulnerable children. We believe foster care and adoption are profound ways to change a child’s life forever, and our commitment to ‘Be A Family’ means we provide comprehensive services for you and the children we serve.

Buckner upholds Christ-centered values ministered with professional competence. Our team of trained case managers and social workers builds personal relationships and offers emotional support to every child and family we serve.

As we seek to transform the lives of vulnerable children and to build strong families, we always put the child’s needs first. Buckner finds families for children, rather than finding
children for families.

Buckner Foster Care and Adoption is a ministry of Buckner International, a global faith-based organization dedicated to transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children, families and elders. Established by R.C. Buckner in 1879, Buckner is one of the oldest and most unique faith-based service organizations of its kind, serving hundreds of thousands of people each year in the United States and around the world.

Learn more about how you can be a family with Buckner Foster Care and Adoption at www.buckner.org or by calling 1-855-264-8783.