Grief Comes In Waves

I said 'God it hurts'
And God said 'I Know'

I said 'God, I cry alot'
And God said 'That's why I gave you tears'

I said 'God, life is so hard'
And God said 'That why I gave you loved ones'

I said 'But God, my loved one died'
And God said 'So did mine'

I said 'God it's such a loss'
And God said 'I saw mine nailed to a cross'

I said 'God, but you loved one lives'
And God said 'So does yours.'

I said God 'Where are they now? '
And God said 'Mine is on my right and yours is in the light.'

I said 'God it still hurts'
And God said 'I know...'

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